Sunday, May 16, 2010

Draft story for OhmyNews

Draft story for OhmyNews

Starts with Adobe, later what is pre-media?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bernd Zipper from drupa, still ahead of IPEX

Only a week to go and still the best stuff is from drupa. Just my opinion.

Notice that the internet is not competition. The print industry can take advantage.

My blog posts will mostly be for the IPEX 2002 blog for the next fortnight or so. I may take space in this blog for the Libre Graphics meeting coming up in Brussels. Just a bit off topic there is an Experimentality link to the City during this week. Mostly when I have visited drupa I also stay in Brussels. Also Koln is the closest to drupa I can find somewhere to stay. Amsterdam is in the mix for the Seybold events. So my particular focus has got me away from the screen on occasions. "The city" however is not very clearly located.

And of course Brussels is not very far from Ghent, the centre of the PDF universe. I may revise that view if Adobe turns up in Birmingham. At the moment there is no stand number on the IPEX site. Lots of annoying Flash of course.

I expect the Libre Graphics meeting to continue research on SVG and everything XML. They may cover the eBook and how to create ePUB. So making sense of IPEX could continue through May at least.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Book from Wikipedia

This is working in the USA. Not sure what is possible in the UK. But IPEX should offer some comparisons. The technology will show options for short runs. Question remains how to arrange distribution.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Adobe late booking for IPEX

Printweek has arrived, the hard copy version, and reports that Adobe have booked some space at IPEX. Cannot find the stand number on the IPEX website though.

More on this later when I find out a bit more. I still think Adobe are mostly into web video and soforth. Digital Printer has also arrived and confirms that there are no new PDF features in the recent Creative Suite. Variable printing may be improved through some new standards but the implementation will probably come through companies other than Adobe.

It will be a benefit for Abobe to be there, but mostly as a reminder for the print industry how wide the scope is now for the communications world that Adobe is concerned with. I am not sure what they will have to offer around hard copy.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Adobe at Web 2 event, not really that interested in print

Background to IPEX, Adobe is somewhere else

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Social Media, getting ready for PODi

It appears that the printing industry is ready for social media. An email from PODi has some detail on IPEX and also promotion for a day course about social media. This will happen May 25th, after IPEX. There is an option for non members, probably very good value. But surely an aspect of social media is that some content is available for free and anyway the public make things up or try to. During IPEX or for the rest of May there could be many suggestions about social media and print in a mix. I am thinking about some new Moo business cards. So far I find I am very reluctant to let go of them. So I may just archive the ones I have now and start again. This blog will try to link to any good examples of free advice. Nothing against the idea of paying for a proper day of course. Premium content is the future, many believe.

This sort of post is based on links outside the UK. The drupa blog will continue mostly with such a scope. The IPEX blog will be more about the UK.