Monday, May 10, 2010

Bernd Zipper from drupa, still ahead of IPEX

Only a week to go and still the best stuff is from drupa. Just my opinion.

Notice that the internet is not competition. The print industry can take advantage.

My blog posts will mostly be for the IPEX 2002 blog for the next fortnight or so. I may take space in this blog for the Libre Graphics meeting coming up in Brussels. Just a bit off topic there is an Experimentality link to the City during this week. Mostly when I have visited drupa I also stay in Brussels. Also Koln is the closest to drupa I can find somewhere to stay. Amsterdam is in the mix for the Seybold events. So my particular focus has got me away from the screen on occasions. "The city" however is not very clearly located.

And of course Brussels is not very far from Ghent, the centre of the PDF universe. I may revise that view if Adobe turns up in Birmingham. At the moment there is no stand number on the IPEX site. Lots of annoying Flash of course.

I expect the Libre Graphics meeting to continue research on SVG and everything XML. They may cover the eBook and how to create ePUB. So making sense of IPEX could continue through May at least.


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