Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Social Media, getting ready for PODi

It appears that the printing industry is ready for social media. An email from PODi has some detail on IPEX and also promotion for a day course about social media. This will happen May 25th, after IPEX. There is an option for non members, probably very good value. But surely an aspect of social media is that some content is available for free and anyway the public make things up or try to. During IPEX or for the rest of May there could be many suggestions about social media and print in a mix. I am thinking about some new Moo business cards. So far I find I am very reluctant to let go of them. So I may just archive the ones I have now and start again. This blog will try to link to any good examples of free advice. Nothing against the idea of paying for a proper day of course. Premium content is the future, many believe.

This sort of post is based on links outside the UK. The drupa blog will continue mostly with such a scope. The IPEX blog will be more about the UK.


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