Tuesday, October 13, 2009

weiss_raum twitter translation

It turns out the Twitter term should be weiss_raum. The tag is not finding much so far but suggest starting with http://twitter.com/weiss_raum

I have done a quick Google translate. More later.

# "Creative Book" and the cover Production Tool: On the last day of the exhibition is Adobe's Theme "Kre .. http://bit.ly/82uRG3:31 PM Oct 9th from twitterfeed

# Epubli: The specialty at the Book Fair!: Epubli now offering a special discount for authors: For the Book Fair would cost .. http://bit.ly/13WzwJ1:30 PM Oct 7th from twitterfeed

# Printing - Binding - Storage - delivering: Am 17.10. If the weiss'raum "edition one" means that Pres .. http://bit.ly/2ifXX94:30 PM Oct 5th from twitterfeed

# Not only in terms of pressure, a real expert: the infowerk ag: ag infowerk is a genuine all-rounder and pr .. http://bit.ly/2LrHVA4:31 PM Oct 2nd from twitterfeed

# Schmidkonz - highest quality - hardcover production, short runs from 1 to 100: The Schmidkonz Gm .. http://bit.ly/dUQJw2:31 PM Oct 1st from twitterfeed

# Crossmedial thanks ContentServ: Am 14.10. it says "Online first" in weiss'raum and ContentServ G.. http://bit.ly/VWXEv9:25 AM Oct 28th from web

# Thursday, could 15.10.2009: look in abavo weiss'raum The definition of "Production of the Future" and .. http://bit.ly/Yy94R8:24 AM Oct 21st from web

# The weiss'raum soon opening its doors open in about one months, the 61st Frankfurt Book Fair (14 to 18 .. http://bit.ly/lD7jB6:24 AM Oct 18th from web

# KiNTETiK presents "iBright Web2Print" in weiss'raum on opening day of the Frankfurt Book .. http://bit.ly/BvETf9:24 AM Oct 17th from web

# Your print is in good hands!: The online "print master short" of the Swabian family firm .. http://bit.ly/3wvYrd10:24 AM Oct 16th from web

# Adobe's Theme: "Creative Paper" in weiss'raum at the Frankfurt Book Fair: Trends in Kreate .. http://bit.ly/OyKnN8:25 AM Oct 15th from web

# Effective Web-to-print for big companies!: Cutting Edge, yet agile, the Austrian company celum .. http://bit.ly/4aZg2o8:23 AM Oct 14th from web

# Industry survey: What are the business models of the future: http://bit.ly/15j8na4:15 AM Oct 14th from web

# Now auchFrankfurter Book Fair @ Book_Fair with private Tweet! Where precisely flyer for future online forum http://bit.ly/o4B44:14 AM Oct 14th from web

# Total flexibility with digital media partner at the weiss'raum: Editorial system for cross-media content .. http://bit.ly/bHn1C9:24 AM Oct 10th from web

# FIT FOR FUTURE: Scheel media are an all-rounder and the experts for the production of books of the future!: .. The mitt http://bit.ly/DS15o7:24 AM Oct 9th from twitterfeed

At # 14.10. Prasentiert are trivet.net in weiss'raum: is trivet.net with over 350 installations in deutsc .. http://bit.ly/1Cxtt27:25 PM Sep 7th from web

# Vebesserte transparency flattening with callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2: Just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair is cal. http://bit.ly/1ayiQx9:24 PM Sep 4th from web

# Shortlisted for the most innovative online book project 2009 by the online magazine announced newBook: Munich .. http://bit.ly/sj0Sa6:24 AM Oct 3rd from twitterfeed


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