Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Digital in the present

Pan Macmillan’s digital director Sara Lloyd has stated that the digital world is the present not the future. This was at the Tools of Change event at Frankfurt as reported on Bookseller.com. It must be true. For one thing I found this Bookseller page without being a subscriber. The Bookseller daily email continues to be a reasonable starting place for this sort of topic.

For another thing Bookseller reporter Catherine Neilan complains about the fallure of the Radisson's wi-fi network. "However, a lively feed is still developing at #TOCFrankfurt."

So the thing that worries me now is how to find more recent info from Bernd Zipper on Twitter. I have not had any luck so far. The weiss'raum (white space) is in Hall 4 Stand A1340. White space is what type fills or leaves as a frame. "weissraum" finds a few tweets but from a couple of days ago. The O'Reilley scope may have got so digital that hard copy is forgotten. Bernd Zipper also designs an innovation parc at drupa, the largest print show. So the workflow issues around e-books could integrate with pre-press. IPEX currently uses the word "pre-media" but I am not sure how much the e-book is a choice in their approach.

From an interview with Zipper ahead of the event

What is your view of the media future?

The now and the future of the media are non-linear. In the past, we had the concept of one-dimensional development along a time shaft determined by technological progress. That is now passé – we are seeing the integration of very different ideas, technologies and contents.

So there is no linear time? This is Tuesday I think.


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