Wednesday, October 07, 2009

UK now part of the outside USA Kindle space

The news about the global Kindle that I can find, except the UK Bookseller, is mostly in the USA and is not seeing this as a UK story. Meanwhile Adobe have a MAX in LA and are not bothering with anything real time in Europe this year. Whatever happens in the USA the web is now enough for others to catch up eventually. Something like that.

Teleread blog continues to have the best guidance I think. Very sound point about epub. Amazon allow PDF, even use it for their guides to the Kindle. So they are not stopping publication in standard formats. Why not epub?

Still not sure if this should be EPUB or ePUB. Would someone check this out during the Frankfurt bookfair? IDPF events link.

I think London publishers will have a hard time taking this in. There used to be a marketing concept known as "the former British empire", several English speaking countries. Some UK publishers want global rights but some agents are spending more time in New York.

This drupa blog seems the best place for this post. The IPEX one is mostly about the UK as it happens, not the global take online. drupa is still the event to conjure with. I am not sure if the next one will be as solid. Comment in Printweek from Andrew Tribute has suggested that attendance at Print09 in Chicago was less than expected. Is this explained by differences in place or is something happening over time? My guess is that IPEX in May 2010 will be more like Print09 than drupa in 2008.

Certainly I think "pre-media" should cover more than getting a text ready for a litho plate. Can a workflow include e-books such as ePUB and whatever strange format required by Amazon?



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