Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Notes for slides, LCC 2009

I have done a draft set of slides for the LCC Futures Conference 2009. Not sure there will be time for me to present at length or at all but there are now four stories on the OhmyNews Archive.

Print Morphs Into Communication 2005

Adobe Skews Away From Print 2006

London College Mixes Communication and Print 2007

LCC Conference Considers the Inevitability of the E-Book 2008

The idea that the name has changed from Print to Communication makes more sense over time and cannot be the basis for another news story.

Last year the editors switched the headlines so that eBooks were the main point although the photos were mostly about Heidelberg and litho for short runs.

Not sure if Heidelberg will be there. See post in IPEX blog.

The Total Print EXpo is about print obviously, but eBooks will be a topic also.


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