Friday, February 20, 2009

OhmyNews publishes ePUB story

OhmyNews have published my story around ePUB. I think the O'Reilly involvement in Bookworm is the significant recent event. Once the programmers get behind ePUB there could be rapid changes.

I am quite confused by Adobe. The OhmyNews editors have allowed the latter part of the text to stand although it mostly repeats my confusion. Apparently Kevin Lynch is now in charge of Acrobat though I have never come across him saying anything about PDF. A sweeping statement there but this is only a blog. Suggest you try your own Google Search. Maybe Acrobat is just a word for something people will pay attention to and actually means Flash. The Adobe Reader on mobile is not the same as the Adobe Reader on the desktop but the technology story is way in the background. PDF is an ISO standard but I think ePUB may be more widely supported eventually because it has input from more sources.


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