Monday, February 09, 2009

Digital Editions Reader, any news in the UK?

Blogging and email are working as a way to do reporting without moving very much. I have been told that there is an event in London - Publishing Expo - that could relate to Tools of Changing and Mobile Barcelona. However, looking at the website I find the Adobe agenda is all about Flash and mobility. My guess is that "web publishing" will not have much about ePUB or PDF or the Digital Editions Reader. If you happen to be there and find different, please let me know. For most of Adobe, flat pages of text are just not interesting. My impression.

Then again this is only Monday. Publishing Expo is Wed/Thur , Tools of Change closes Wed so there is scope for blogging and comment.

So far blogsearch reveals that Indie Author has arrived in New York where it is 55 degrees and sunny.

Meanwhile here in Exeter the snow is turning to slush and we are about to concentrate on animation in cinemas.


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