Sunday, February 08, 2009

ePUB the next two weeks

The ePUB format is not much mentioned as such but there seems to be momentum around eBooks. Today in the Observer Robert McCrum reports that various publishing people who did not wish to be named are fairly happy with their Kindle or Sony Reader. No use for editing or collaborating but then this was never intended.

I have done three stories for OhmyNews - the publisher support for ePUB, the Sony support for ePUB, and the eBook buzz at Online Information. The news on this was Stanza, unexpected success on iPhone as Steve Jobs previously stated most people just like music and video.

Online text publishing will change journalism and it is on this topic that blogging etc. could overlap with proper print journalists. I put a comment on the Barney Cox Printweek blog about Stanza and he not only replied but did another post after more research. I try to encourage the Hunky Mouse and others at Newswireless to report about Online Information. No success so far but Stanza may interest them at some point. Victor Keegan has written about a "quiet revolution" but this was on the technology pages, not quite the same authority as the section for book reviews.

An Adobe email says the Digial Editions Reader 1.7 will be promoted at the O’Reilly Tools of Change Conference in New York City and at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain. So there should be some reporting from both events. This blog will link as I am staying in Exeter.


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