Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adobe and Cloud Computing

I have updated the Acrobat Services dotcom site after the Microsoft announcements. as far as I can tell, Microsoft has now accepted the Cloud but nobody is sure how this will work out. My comment aspect is that Adobe seem to be ignored in most of the reporting. Amazon is mentioned on services for developers, Google for Apps. But nothing on Buzzword etc. This is worth mentioning as I find Buzzword off the scale if you take Windows Live as a base for word processing. Maybe I have not found the right bit. I try to keep an open mind.

I did a check Google search just on Adobe and cloud and found Tim O'Reilley on the radar. No mention of Adobe until the last bit where he links to the panel for a Web 2 conference coming up. Kevin Lynch, Adobe Chief Technology Officer, will be there.

Maybe things will become clear. My first guess is that the problems for Adobe and Microsoft are much the same.


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