Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ePUB, draft for after Frankfurt

I have done a couple of stories on ePUB and the Sony Reader for OhmyNews

Sony opens Reader to ePUB

Penguin targets Sony Reader

There will be a presentation at the Frankfurt Bookfair, Thursday next week.

(I will be at Total Print in London but print and publishing are connected, see fiction attempt on blog for IPEX2002)

Main facts seem to be

Stats on sales, 71% up year to July
See details on history

Two million downloads from Feedbooks . They seem to be a major source for content. They can create ePUB from a blog feed or newspaper etc.

So far nothing about the iPhone or Stanza. This may come up though. Stanza allows ePUB files to be read on an iPhone or iPod. Forbes reported that there have been 395,000 downloads compared to estimated Kindle sales of 380,000. Link found through Teleread, where most info on this sort of thing turns up.

I am not sure people will read for so long on a small backlit screen as they would on a Sony Reader or Kindle. If they do, they may regret it later.

Any other info welcome, probably another story for OhmyNews around the 20th.

The stats page has some links for Japan and Korea but not very recent. Suggestions on this would also be helpful.


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