Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sony Reader, more hints

I have started to track Google Blogsearch on the Sony Reader. The relevance for the printing industry is that if an XML format like ePub can reach a device easily enough, then print workflows will need to be just as quick or at least not too slow. JDF could help with this.

Joe Wickert has done some study on Google Trends and thinks the Sony Reader is doing well for interest. But bear in mind that the Amazon Kindle is only available in the USA so finding out more about it is a waste of time for most people. Amazon support for ePub could change things. Joe Wickert also has heard about a Sony announcement in New York on Oct 2nd that may be about wireless or something. This is speculation but could be true as here in the UK people like myself are buying the current model and we realise it will soon be out of date.


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