Sunday, August 17, 2008

John Dvorak on Adobe and Linux

John Dvorak has suggested that Adobe could do more with Linux as part of the situation around Microsoft and Silverlight. One thing that strikes me is that Dvorak must think that such a move is possible.

Previously it seems to have been considered that Linux may work on a server but is not ready for the desktop. As there are already a range of open source applications as presented at the Libre Graphics meeting, it seems possible to argue that they could soon compare with many of the functions from suites for creatives.

Perhaps the latest features would be missing or harder to implement. However I am still interested in the kind of capability associated with Adobe Classic - Postscript and PDF from long ago at the start of "desktop publishing". Well, maybe PDF is more recent but I will come back to some dates another time.

The ePUB format seems to be such that open source could cope with it. This could be one area where the Linux desktop was "good enough".


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