Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Web-to-Print, let us not be too limiting about this

I have been looking at the paper from drupa, including a technology guide to web-to-print. The description insists that the copy is produced from a website. To simply attach a PDF to an email would be a primitive effort.

So I realise I am living in the past yet again. It still seems a possible way of working however. The print customer could know enough or be trained such that they produce a PDF with print ready choices. The JDF intent is then all that needs to follow.

Meanwhile I am on my third set of Moo cards. These are created online as a spinoff from Flickr and other sites. You get a choice of three fonts and the paper sizes are fixed though I have two, large ones for business and smaller ones for social networking, now a term owned by the Web and no longer part of business. Something like that. To be clarified in a future post.

So maybe the people who attend the Certitec briefings on Acrobat 9 will not need to know too much about print production. I still think they should be offered the choice though.


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