Sunday, June 15, 2008

OhmyNews story published- the "web to print drupa" is on the record

Story now published. There are usually a couple of thousand people read a technology story. I am not sure where they come from. OhmyNews in English is not as well known as it could be. i think many of the readers are from Korea and Japan with an interest in learning English as a language. As mentioned previously, citizen journalism is well advanced in Korea as they have had broadband for several years. It is good to get print as part of the related discussion.

I have put some more photos on Flickr, including large sizes as Creative Commons. So far I have not found much reporting on the dip. Printweek in the UK has concentrated on sales of big metal machines, obviously part of what drupa is about.

A couple of smaller versions-

The slide about XML would make more sense if Adobe had followed up the MARS project with a new version of PDF. Workflows are possible at the moment but I think there is
a real possibility that XPS will be considered. Microsoft are not the most obvious choice for open source fans but the interest in XML workflows is enough to prompt a look at the tools available.


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