Monday, June 09, 2008

Much better YouTube video from drupa

Now found an interview with Stephan Jaeggi, one of the judges for the CIP4 awards.

Also Olaf Drummer from Callas on standards. What he wants is for ordering print to be as easy as ordering a book on Amazon. One day the proofing process will be no harder than a look inside a book, possibly. Drummer talks only briefly about archiving standards but this is an area where procedures need to scale so something similar may work for print.

Rainer Prosi from CIP4 and Heidelberg describes the current situation with the JDF standards. That is "Job Definition Format". In German so if this makes no sense the Stephan Jaeggi one is short enough to convince you that JDF is doing well.

A typological gremlin somewhere has created the title "" when it should read "Interview with Dov Isaacs of Adobe" or something like that. Dov is well known from the technical bulletin boards tirelessly answering questions on why nothing appears to be working. Here he explains the new Adobe PDF Print Engine and reveals some technical limitations of Postscript that may be news for some people.

It is encouraging to discover through YouTube that Dov was there and that Adobe is still concerned about print. Somehow I got the impression that drupa was about Creative Suite and moving everything into Flash.


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