Friday, June 27, 2008

Still no news about Mars, not much on JDF

Still no news on Mars though I have tried to contact Adobe such as I can. I have changed the Acrobat Services UK site to link again to this blog.

After publication of the OhmyNews story from drupa there was a correction from Dov Isaacs. There are more live sites with PDF Print Engine than I had realised. So this is citizen journalism working as it should, better information correcting error.

So what to make of the lack of any response at all to various statements about MARS? Also by the way, how come the proper journalists are not very much concerned as far as I can tell. Most of what I can find is based more or less on press releases. But given the release of betas and the discussion on Adobe Labs it seems to me there is a question about why nothing is followed up on release of 9 and why there is no explanation.

Also, so far, no detail about JDF. What I gathered at drupa is that in 9 it is possible to export JDF info as html so it could be viewed more easily or even printed out to paper.....JDF has been there since 7 but very few people know about it. My impression is that the Adobe marketing belief is that knowledge workers are just waiting to combine all their personal videos into a portfolio. The idea they may sometimes have a print requirement is just out of date. Oh dear I feel a rave mode coming on.

Back on topic, surely somewhere there is some news about Mars?



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