Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kevin Lynch interview, Adobe Classic, Adobe Max

I am more and more convinced there is a bit of a break in time going on. The information coming out about Creative suite 4 seemed mostly about Flash and the Web. Now there is an interview with Kevin Lynch. I have read the first bit fairly closely and will come back to it. Several mentions for Flash 4, not yet in full release, and almost nothing about PDF.

The reasoning seems to be about the growth of mobile devices, cloud computing, and social context. Loading the story required getting past an advert page and then waiting for the text to move about the screen as the Flash advertising loaded from all directions. I still think there is a viable something around a page design more or less based on text. Adobe Classic continues even though Adobe Max is the future.

It is again suggested that design should be for the small screen as on a phone. It may just be my declining eyesight that influences me. I tried out an ad link for Acrobat and it went off into animation with icons swirling about as if each one was a new feature. My guess is that the Acrobat users will just be confused.

It also seems to me that the cloud computing approach has a different business model. What will be the costs of packaged software when similar services are available online? Contribute is still so much a seat, probably a block on any scale of operation compared to Google sites. There is an alternative in Adobe Labs but what will the price be? The version of Creative Suite with InDesign is almost as much as any other but if this stuff is really out of date and gets no promotion or buzz, then when will the prices start to drop?


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