Thursday, October 02, 2008

Draft stories around Online Information

I try to keep a Google Doc updated with drafts of stories for OhmyNews. Let me know if you would like a look. It is a bit of a muddle but works ok once the editors are involved. Often they do not have to intervene much, it just takes a better shape for the occasion.

Latest addition

update 2nd October

British Library have announced that Adobe Digital Editions will be required next year to access their journal service. Support for Acrobat Reader will vanish. Digital Rights Management will be in Digital Editions, not Acrobat. I do not think the reasons behind this have been well explained. No mention of Flash on the British Library site that stands out. The effect will be to force Flash on all BL customers. Do they realise what else it is capable of? Trying to hold on to Adobe Classic will not be possible after such an event so after Online Information will be a time to consider Adobe Max.

Possible headlines,

During November
Journal Publishers continue to ignore video

My guess is that the academic content promoted at Olympia will be in the same form as ever

Early December
British Library forces researchers to install Flash

Version 10 of Flash is probably out sometime around the rest of this year. Expect at least some sort of speculation in time for the Max events. I find it difficult to follow and explain, especially in real time and space. Exeter City Council still avoid Flash on their site and for staff browsing.


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