Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acrobat Services UK site updated on ePUB edit

I have added a story about the use of the PDFXML tools for ePUB. this could extend to editing or at least getting used to the ePUB format.

I think the UK site is a fair enough place for this sort of thing, XML for hard copy or at least flat documents made up mostly of text. I realise you could put video into ePUB but I actually don't think this is the point. The Sony Reader has about the design capability of a 1930s paperback. Page after page of text. which is what a lot of people want. And especially in the UK, the bandwidth is well suited to this. Doubtless in California high definition video arrives fast on any screen and Flash is making sense. But I think Adobe Classic still has some scope in the UK.

There is still some mystery about PDFXML. I don't understand why it is not promoted more. Maybe ePUB will get some interest and then the idea of an XML zip file will get more attention.

Also I don't understand why Adobe are switching DRM to Digital Editions as far as e-books are concerned. It appears that Livecycle can still control access to PDF but how this might work with e-books I don't know. Maybe the products and markets have been segmented so much that the users will have to work out quite a lot of things through blogs.


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