Sunday, March 08, 2009

Amazon boosts iPhone as eBook

This drupa2008 blog continues mostly about global events. The IPEX2002 blog is mostly about the UK including responses to what happens in other places. This may get muddled but it seems a reasonable way to continue.

Today the Observer includes a comment by John Naughton on the Amazon offer of Kindle equivalent software for the iPhone. He links to the blog by Quentin Stafford-Fraser where there is a photo of the screen. Stafford-Fraser observes that "This could prove expensive".

I have put a comment on about Stanza and ePUB and the advantages of public domain and Feedbooks for ePUB from blogs. It turns out that he already uses Stanza but as he is married to a novelist has a balanced view on copyright.

I wrote on the ipex2002 blog about how I thought that ePUB would extend the use of Open Source Software beyond production of hard copy. Andrew Tribute has noticed that many sites in the print industry are not upgrading with Adobe and Microsoft products. Open source can now compare for most functions. I think there is more potential for similar developments with online publishing. Amazon on iPhone has a wider consequence.


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