Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is there any buzz about Total Print Expo?

There has been a lot of activity recently around IPEX, now only a year away. They have several connections with social networking. Also an offer on the ticket price if you book real soon.

What is strange is that Total Print Expo has nothing similar going on. Only a few months to go. attendance at Northprint was less than expected and Heidelberg not only were not there but stated they would probably not be at future small shows. Total Print Expo cannot move much beyond digital without some litho. Meanwhile the LCC Futures Conference will probably include digital publishing and other software aspects of communication. Guessing here of course but the scope for speculation is getting wider without more detail on Total Print Expo as it actually exists.

Which means that time travel is getting easier. The Facebook version of IPEX could start soon and include a lot of info exchange. May 2010 somehow seems closer than October 2009.


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