Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Demand Books and binding options

I am finding something through search but nothing recent yet from the #wausraum. A Google translation from DailyNet.de announces that the waus'raum daily booklet will be printed on a Ricoh Pro C900. This has binding options including the Plockmatic BK5010e. Perhaps this is more convincing than the Expresso from Books On Demand (Hall 8 stand L903). In the UK there has been interest in the machine at Blackwells on Charing Cross Road since the London Book Fair. Victor Keegan has tweeted @vickeegan that a four day wait is not instant printing. But this wait is just because there is only one machine in the UK. On Printweek there has been some negative comment about the binding. Blogger Jo Francis has a plan to visit Charing Cross Road later and examine how this settles down. #printweek . In my opinion the print industry should welcome the idea of instant books. The capacity of devices in a bookshop must be limited such that short runs within a reasonable distance are viable.

Links welcome on other printing devices at Frankfurt.


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