Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coping with events - Adobe Classic era coming to an end

At Online Information I was interested in the Adobe explanation of how they relate to e-books but also found it hard to accept the emphasis on video embeds. The hardware available seems tome to be suited to mostly text. Even InDesign is a bit too much with complex layout. Something like Open Office seems more suitable.

But there is some interest in Flash and video. There may be demand for books with video sometime in the future. A decade is a plausible way to think about this. So I can get my head around the idea that Flash will be widely accepted sometime. Meanwhile the issues around PDF,XML,JDF etc still need some attention so I think this will be the focus for this blog at least till IPEX.

The media archaeologists have a view on events and chronology that is not exactly clear to me. But next year will come up for study eventually.