Monday, September 14, 2009

Adobe not much in Chicago, but Warnock and Geschke at IPEX

continued from IPEX 2002 blog

As far as I can tell there is no Adobe booth at Print09. But this week it is announced that IPEX regard Warnock and Geschke as Champions of Print. So Postscript and PDF are standards. Ok so far.

Thing is, Adobe seems to be all about Flash. The current Chief Technology Officer is Kevin Lynch, not John Warnock. Recent press releases are about video and digital rights management in Flash. We will all have to download another version in order to watch anything.

IPEX 2010 exists as a Twitter feed. etc but there is not much point pretending it is May already. What is going on at the moment? In Adobe terms print as such has more or less vanished. So there could be disruption ahead.

Geschke and Warnock are still Chairs at Adobe so they must have a view on directions. My impression is that Adobe Classic was traded in for Macromedia. If more evidence supporting this turns up it could be a case study. There are few examples of people so close to technology who make such major decisions.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Time travel validated

Looking back on previous post it is worth mentioning that Total Print Expo has been postponed for this year. so the sense from the website that not much was happening had some basis. Now that Twitter is taking over most of the show events exist at any time to some extent. Can IPEX exist this month, partly in Chicago? On Twitter, who would notice?

Draft stories on IPEX blog

I have posted about draft stories on the IPEX blog. Am obviously lost in time and space. My guess is that most of the topics for IPEX in 2010 will be fairly clear in Chicago as of quite soon.

Kurt Vonnegut in Timequake imagined being alive in 2010. Is it fiction to do the same? On a blog, will it matter?