Monday, May 21, 2012

JDF is normalised, conclusion for drupa 2012

This turns up on YouTube seems reasonable as a summary. JDF no longer a buzz word but automation is assumed. I still think Adobe should have done more to explain JDF to the people who bought Acrobat. Even if they are engineers or lawyers they might buy print sometimes and the fact they can specify JDF is worth a mention. Still, Web 2 Print has taken over, the JDF is in there somewhere but who needs to know?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

More on Wild Show, explanation for Kodak re drupa etc. #drupa @kodakCB

A bit more explanation about the Wild Show and why phoning in could be a problem. I started on the Wild Show as a guest on the previous show in this time slot. So I am only learning gradually. Both Chris and JD are away this week so I can choose all the music and also talk about drupa more than usual. We have played the song a couple of times. Three questions for you. If Kodak is concentrating on print and the patents on cameras are for transfer to phone companies, is there any guidance on which ones? I often use a Kodak Zi8 given to me at IPEX where my blog got me press credentials. But where to go next? Wifi would be good. Maybe you can't comment on this but any clues welcome. Second, what do you think is happening at drupa with video and social media. The news seems to be Benny Landa and as far as I can tell his social media policy is not very advanced. Search on YouTube / Twitter finds a guitar player in New York. But it seems that for impact a trade show with a suitable demo is still working ok. Do you think there will soon be a massive inkjet machine anywhere near Exeter UK. Our regional press is not that secure at the moment. If there was one in Bristol there could be regional variations on national publications. Examples from other locations would also be interesting. @kodakCB Just seen your tweet while writing this. Yes, YouTube would be excellent. There could be a link on our Facebook page and I will play the sound tomorrow. (copied from Posterous blog - will789gb - as seems to be a bit slow

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Translate Beyond Print to find more on Clickable Paper Not sure that will work as a link. If not search on Ricoh and clickable paper. I do realise that drupa is in Germany. But I also think that beyond.print could get a substantial English audience if more was available. Google translationis good but I'm not quite sure about all of it. So far also found this video by the way, the soundtrack is interesting, there is more variation than you might expect.

Harlequin RIP fast enough for variable data

As reported by Digital Press, Harlequin has a RIP that can cope with the speed of digital printing.;mag=dp;show=current;type=articles;item=6433 Probably Adobe are interested in this area as well but not much is coming over other than that Adobe seems not to be there. (Good reviews for the Creative Cloud however even though there is not much yet on Acrobat)

Probably this is the nanotechnology drupa #VIDEOdrupa

All the reports confirm that Landa and nanotechnology have made an impression on drupa 2012. There are even renewed claims for print in comparison with claims for digital technology- ( the last part of this clip is about another aspect of cross media) Landa seems to be aimed at run lengths definitely into litho territory. Komori, Heidelberg and Manroland are supporting with kit using the technology. So it is probably further ahead than the early models from Indigo. Nothing to be delivered for a couple of years but this looks like significant technology based on hard copy. Significant shifts to digital away from paper may take several decades but I think we should discuss when this process first started. The video IPEX in 2010 was perhaps the time that video was noticed. Compared to nanotechnology it may just seem normal at drupa going forward.