Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Probably this is the nanotechnology drupa #VIDEOdrupa

All the reports confirm that Landa and nanotechnology have made an impression on drupa 2012. There are even renewed claims for print in comparison with claims for digital technology- ( the last part of this clip is about another aspect of cross media) Landa seems to be aimed at run lengths definitely into litho territory. Komori, Heidelberg and Manroland are supporting with kit using the technology. So it is probably further ahead than the early models from Indigo. Nothing to be delivered for a couple of years but this looks like significant technology based on hard copy. Significant shifts to digital away from paper may take several decades but I think we should discuss when this process first started. The video IPEX in 2010 was perhaps the time that video was noticed. Compared to nanotechnology it may just seem normal at drupa going forward.


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