Sunday, April 22, 2007

dotprint now working ok

It turns out that dotprint dotcom is now a grouped site for Haymarket print publications. Maybe a link to Brand Republic will follow.

For example, story on JDF.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

PrintingWorld and the web

An editorial in Printing World claims that internet search can still be described as "rubbish". Barney Cox reports how long it took him to try to find the same topics as covered in the magazine.

My own problem is in trying to follow up the link now shown at the bottom of each page - -

The last time I tried it there was a message saying "Welcome to Haymarket Publishing. There may be something wrong with this link. Please try again."

You may have better luck. Something may have changed

It is just possible that the print industry is hard to find on the web because there could be more energy in presentation.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Last year's story on London Book Fair

Google rescues the Back List

Mentioned again here as the full link is too complicated to pass on. My hope is to get some feedback to include in a new story for this year.

About London Book Fair

I hope to write a report on the London Book Fair for Ohmynews

Google doc draft

The printing industry is more or less in a mashup with the publishing industry and always has been. So this is on topic for a blog about drupa.

Microsoft may be catching up with Google in a way that is not breaking new ground but this still seems the most significant story as Microsoft is working with support from publishers. Once the technology is accepted it may become clearer that the Google approach is based on something.

Amazon have announced a session on "look Inside the Book" etc. This will probably interest publishers. Not sure what the booksellers will think.

What do Adobe mean by 'classic print and publishing?'? Maybe someone in India could comment.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

OhmyNews article published

OhmyNews have published my article on the Adobe launch of Creative Suite 3.

OhmyNews have started to include some video. I think there is more on the Korean and Japanese sites. Certainly more interest in mobile gadgets. So there should be other articles on similar lines.

Towards the end I include a bit about open source. Most of the "text web" could be covered with open source either now or soon. More detail required on this later but that is my current guess.