Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Flash for mobiles hard not to notice

The Google announcement of Nexus One mobile phone makes a convincing case for Flash and Adobe presentations. I have been finding the Flash emphasis a bit out of proportion but this is beginning to make sense. There is a video on YouTube that is impressive

Flash could be the equivalent of DOS in an earlier time when Apple stuck to their own systems. I am going back and fro in time. The Consumer Electronics show is apparent in the UK through various leaks and blogs etc. Many suggested devices like an e-book or laptop or in between but the phone is also a reader for text. Stanza was a bit of a surprise on the iPhone. I think the e-book takes many forms and the Google push on hardware will help this to spread.

Adobe developments make it even more difficult for IPEX to discuss technology. Most hard copy print organisations are in the era of Postscript. There will be some PDF workflow but there is no Adobe stand shown on the plans. Continues on the IPEX 2002 blog, mostly about the UK. This blog will cover the context. there is a stand for drupa 2012, roughly in the middle near Heidelberg.

Sorry. lost the link to blog where this came from

The tablet idea is not new. Roger Fidler research for Knight Ridder was influential in Korea, mentioned in Media Big Bang - a book I was given by OhmyNews. About four years ago, now even more interesting.