Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Apple Store visit confirms guess in previous post

A visit to the Exeter Apple Store confirms that PDF is included in iTunes. I normally work on Windows so it is a benefit for me to be able to see such possibilities. I know iTunes is available for Windows but the Store demo seems more typical of what is going on. I am told that sound works well on the move. You can listen and walk or drive. Video requires more attention. Text and pages assume you are more or less fixed to one spot. There were quite a few PDFs to be found but only a small proportion of the amount of sound.

So the original point about an e-book reader may be valid. Most people who use mobile devices are interested in sound. A dedicated device for pages could be a bit of a niche.

I also asked about when universities outside the USA would be allowed into the iTunes U. Apparently there is nothing to stop any group submitting stuff to iTunes. If more universities did this there could be a response around this but for some reason it is USA universities that see the point. I am not sure how long this will last.

By the way, the Store is called "Princesshay", not Exeter. For some reason the new shopping development is promoted as a different space. Some local comment is not that positive about this but I am in danger of going off topic.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Printweek opens web dialogue with drupa

The Printweek blog has quaoted Steve Jobs but with an implied doubt as to whether he is making much sense. Apparently Steve thinks an e-book reader is not the way to go as most people don't read anyway. Looking at the sales of devices for sound and video, maybe he has a point. I have put in a comment and also a quote about drupa from Lawrence Wallis in this week's print version-

"the convergance of media within a publishing universe will surface as a major theme"

Maybe this has already happened, but in the world of print technology change only gets noticed every other year. It has been like this for centuries. More later.