Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stumpedgecko on Digital Rights

Stumpedgecko has added an interesting comment about the Kindle

It's worth pointing out a major thorn for Kindle: DRM - have you ever considered the legal ramifications of lending someone a book you just read? No? Well you'll have exactly the same experience with the Kindle with the exception that you won't be able to do the lending bit because of the DRM in the software. 1 nil to print.

Digital Rights is a major problem. Google Video just vanished when the business plan changed. Swizz or what? Gradually it may go away if enough people complain. Music is locked in to the Apple empire for many people but it is possible to buy an MP3 without digital rights coming into it. This is something Amazon is aware of.

If the display technology works ok then other devices will come along. Can Amazon stop you reading material that just turned up over the web? More will become clear later.

Meanwhile I am busy scanning stuff I have already paid for.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger michaelejahn said...

ah - HA ! and there in lies the rub - like software that we 'think' we buy, we actually only license the right to use it in a way prescribed in minutia of that licensing agreement you - by default - agree to - before you can use the software. So, in actuality, it is far worse than you imagine - people will discover soon enough when they "share" a digital book.

And what happens when one tries to 'profit' buy reselling a book? Is there an RIAA in the book vertical?

Personally, I think Kindle kinda thinks that 'hey, people will only subscribe with us, we can manage the rights' - or can they 'remove' stuff on my Kindle (if they embeded some data - like Apple does - that can track who actually bought that file. It will be interesting - for sure !


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