Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Publishing at the LLC Futures Confernce

This year the London College of Communications seems to be much more relaxed about not being the London College of Printing. Unlike the previous two years the first day is not just about printing, but seems to cover communications in general, albeit with something of a print bias.

I found there was quite a strong support for the idea that the web has so many links that distraction is likely, and that the online amateurs will destroy civilisation as represented in the world of books. However this may have been just a provocation for speakers later today. Starts around 1pm. The Thames Suite is found through the front of Earl's Court. A badge for Digital Print World is required to get past the door. Why there are not more people looking in from the show remains a mystery. The digital debate includes production gains from workflow and the transition away from litho. But the LCC are considering print as part of a communications mix in a digital context.


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