Thursday, September 27, 2007

Communications in the mix

The RIT idea about putting print in a media mix relates to the name change from London College of Print to London College of Communication. at the Futures Conference held during Digital Print World there has been continuing resistance to this move. Most students still like the name London College of Printing, even those on some other course as the name is well known and is easy to understand. "comunications" is still a bit vague at the moment.

As mentioned previously I think it would be useful to have a version of the conference in reverse order. Based on previous occasions this would then start with recent graduates working on digital media, web design etc. Then day two looking at publishing. Presumably this would include the effect of the web on print. So day three on print would be in a web context.

This seems to me to reflect the actual situation of the print industry.

I will put some more about publishing in the learn9 blog. There is some overlap as technology is now an influence for how learning and quality communication can be supported.

One topic coming from a learning discussion is about whether the "e" in "e-learning" should be dropped as it becomes normal. Strangely to my mind this comes from a source also promoting the term "technology enhanced learning". Most people just talk about the web and find that learning happens as a part of everyday life.

"Technology enhanced" could include the book or any form of print that has supported learning. The one to one tutorial or the lecture with voice only - no slides no music - could be seen as other than "technology enhanced learning". At previous LCC conferences doubts about e-learning have been raised during discussion of digital printing. Given that technology around hard copy is changing maybe there could be a look at "technology enhanced learning" to include both web and print, then move on to just talk about learning as if the technology is normal.


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