Thursday, September 06, 2007

MARS blog from Adobe

Matthew Hardy has started a new blog about MARS on the Adobe site.

He links to slides from Document Engineering conference in Winnipeg, both in PDF format and as MARS.

I have updated the AUF website making it easier to find the PDF of slides from David Brailsford's Seybold Amsterdam keynote in 2004. Matthew Hardy attended an AUF meeting and spoke from these slides.

Matthew Hardy was a student at Nottingham where David Brailsford has presented several different versions of the history of document structures etc. My own suggestion is that people at all interested study these slides from 2004. Should there be a chance for David Brailsford to offer a new presentation in this area it would be good to save time if the audience could agree that the first few slides could be skipped. He would have enough to say about fairly recent events.


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