Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good news on e-books

Possibly Gee Ranasinha will rethink his fair and balanced views on e-books. As mentioned June 19th his view can be summarised as "e-books are rubbish". Maybe this is because he writes for Image Reports, a print magazine that is only beginning to launch a web presence in my own fair and balanced opinion.

The Online World Review Blog reports that Springer have done some research on their own customers and found that e-books are ok.

According to Springer they said the eBook enhanced user access with greater functionality, more categories of information and "provided clear advantages over print publications". Information professionals also told the Attfield Dykstra and Partners, who carried out survey that not physically handling the book for archiving had cost advantages.

Maybe this is not surprising. The question was only asked of existing customers for e-books.

However this blog will include more links to the sort of publication associated with Online Information, an event in December. It may just add to the confusion but I find that the scope of blogs can be too limiting. Maybe I just need one blog and more tags. Now I really am going off topic unless drupa 2008 turns out to be a show about tagging.



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