Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The word "gradual" could be spin

Without wanting to be too rude, it could be imagined that if you told a typical audience from the print industry, even at Digital Print World, that XML is part of a revolution in workflow they might lose interest very quickly. So the word "gradual" could be well chosen to promote software.

So no sudden announcements from Saskia Desmet, director international sales at Gradual Software

'We're looking forward to introducing Switch 07 to the UK market. This new upgrade directly addresses the additional requirements of our customers who are already benefiting from the Switch product line to create flexible and efficient automation workflows.'

Crossroads has support from several other software sources who provide information to help the "configurators", workflow connections that can fit on the Switch platform. Everything is in XML, so it could be swapped over to JDF for production stages. Adobe and Quark are not formally part of Crossroads but the configuratore seems to be there as enough information is public.


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