Thursday, October 18, 2007

Total Print is not Northprint for the South

The Show Daily asks a sensible question about the change in name and scope for Digital Print World. Next year Total Print will include litho where suitable for short runs. DPWDaily reports thatNick Craig-Waller refuted the suggestion that the show would become a "Northprint for the South", arguing that Total Print Expo would focus on workflow and full print solutions.

Let us hope this is true. The word "digital" is a link to other media and the resources of potential customers for print. My impression was that there could have been more on workflow issues. There was nothing I could find on XPS, the page descruption written by Global Graphics for Vista. Maybe it will surface first on office printers and service providers will catch up later. But would it be better promotion for a print show if this sort of technology was covered?

Meanwhile no sign of Adobe or information on MARS, their own rewrte of PDF in an XML style. What could be done with a print show that would get their attention?


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