Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Show Daily, PDF as email attachment

At Digital Print World the show daily is printed on digital kit from Canon. There is a small office besides the Printweek stand where journalists send text and photos to the Haymarket office in Hammersmith. Before the event it was sugegsted that the print ready PDF created in Hammersmith would be sent back to Earl's Court either on a CD or by FTP. Using a CD could mke sense. It is not that far to walk and somebody might have made the journey anyway. It turns out that each page was sent as an email attachment, mostly about a meg. The pages were combined using Acrobat Professional and some extra plugins. The plug-ins may not be so widely available but it struikes me this workflow is not outside the scope of most offices. Even FTP is not that mysterious. Digital print is part of a wider network.


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