Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Story in OhmyNews about LCC Futures Conference

OhmyNews have published a story about the recent conference organised by LCC alongside Digital Print World.

Briefly, I think the LCC have understood a new context for print. The show I'm less certain about. the name changes next year to include litho. There may still be space for workflow but the emphasis seems to be on large metal kit.

This year I could find nothing about XML Paper. I don't mind the fact that most of the online technology talk is about events in the USA but as it happens Global Graphics is a European company and Cambridge is not a million miles from Earl's Court. If there can be an XPSLand in Chicago surely there can be something in London?

Photo of the Convergance Bar at IP07, a Web show also at Earl's Court. The people on the Microsoft stand did not know about XPS either but then they had no great interest in paper. I do think the print industry needs to offer something like XML to maintain some interest.


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