Monday, November 19, 2007

Quality ideas as a basis for communication

Now back in Exeter after a couple of weeks in Lancaster. Visit the university campus was interesting. The Institute for Advanced Studies had several posters around the Safety research project. Also other posters about Flickr and languages ; experimental ways of presenting research other than just a journal article. The Safety project is including several films during the year. So I am encouraged to develop a script.

Photos follow soon. Also video for a journey from the Info21 to the Spicy Hut.

But I think I may be getting too carried away with oblique and creative ways to present a case for quality. Meanwhile there is significant progress from the Work Foundation project to look at leadership in the context of organisation changes required by technology. So far quality ideas seem to be well accepted here. So I might start again on the learn9 site.

Technology is certainly moving. Adobe have launched a website on web video and TV via Flash. Found this through a promoted video on YouTube. Nothing new, the media player is still not officially released, but the emphasis on video is very strong. Text and print are not very interesting it seems. Who knows, maybe Adobe managers are not crazy.


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