Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jim King presentation from PDF University now online

Jim King has agreed that the Acrobat User Forum can host his presentation from the PDF University on the future of PDF and Flash.

The PDF is about 5 meg.

Other Jim King presentations

The PDF University existed in Miami recently as part of XPLOR so at least some of the audience are interested in hard copy.

My take is that Adobe are now moving way beyond the print industry. Maybe I am just realising something that happened long ago. It has been suggested that PDF was always intended for the enterprise and only connected with litho through the technology vision of the pre-press community. Maybe this is to exaggerate a bit but it is clear enough now that the new Photoshop includes print service providers with the people who do not need the advanced version.

I seem to be off topic already. Somehow I get the impression that Flash is moving us towards online and mobile video when actually many people are still using flat documents on paper. So MARS could be of a lot wider interest than appears. It seems to be a version of PDF that is easier to connect with XML and Open Source approaches.

So my confusion may be in assuming that XML and Open Source are already part of the pre-press discussion. I don't see why not given some interest in JDF.

For some reason Open Source is sometimes mentioned on Adobe sites when discussing FLEX as an option for developers. I find less about open source on Acrobat sites. Maybe this is just my impression.

JDF? What's that? I am absolutely certain this is the worst promoted feature of Acrobat 8. Just as it was for Acrobat 7.

A more considered version of this will follow later.

The Jim King presentation gives a balanced view on Adobe directions so is well worth a look. I may come round to looking more at Connect etc. later. But I think a good look at MARS is the place to start. There are some issues raised around PDF that have become boring and obvious but they are not yet sorted everywhere.


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