Monday, January 29, 2007

Update on Jeff Jarvis

Apologies to Jeff Jarvis for suggesting he has not sent in any copy this week for the long-suffering readers of the print version of the Guardian. I have added a comment to comment-is-free following an article by Jackie Ashley. I suggested it was strange that the print purchasing audience did not get anything from Jeff after Davos last week. It turns out on checking Buzzmachine that there is a link to a Guardian page on YouTube. However I have had another look in the print version as sold in Exeter and there is no sign of it as far as I can tell. It is based on text that was on Buzzmachine earlier so there is no obvious reason why it could only appear in time for late editions. maybe it will turn up next week.

Another post is back to what I take to be the news from Davos for newspapers. "Newspaper global cooling" is a way to describe the situation around print. I had not realised that there is now an International Media Council that will meet again in September and appears to include print and web media. I got confused by the reference to 'Chatham House Rules' into thinking that this was mostly for print media. Somehow the people from web media have repeated something somewhere else maybe. Not sure how this works but my overall impression is that the web media are fairly confident while the print media have had some really significant conference about something they cannot reveal to anyone else.

Maybe Jeff Jarvis should have a quick guide ready just in case there is a sudden shock and a page or two is needed in the main news section.



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