Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Looking forward with comments

This blog continues from IPEX 2002 with much the same aim. For some reason I cannot turn on comments in the IPEX 2002 blog. Maybe I have deleted something when adding the Google ads code in. Anyway, maybe just time for a new start. There will be posts over the new year with some clear aims.

I am definitely into time travel. In 2002 Adobe were a lot more clear about aims for Postscript and PDF than they are recently, what with Flash for phones etc. being such a prospect. drupa 2008 may be the next occasion that the PDF Print Engine gets full attention.

In last week's Printweek Lawrence Wallis claimed, "in an endeavor to lift spirits amid the current industrial gloom", that "technological development is comparatively becalmed at the moment." Apparently this should give some confidence to people in print and encourage a sense of stability. However it seems to me that technology outside the printing industry is still moving quickly. I wrote a report for OhmyNews about the 2006 Online Information event. This is the first time that Information World Review has promoted their blog as much as the print version. It might be expected that the web is part of such an occasion but until recently print has been the priority for most of the content providers at the show.


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