Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PDF University, links please

Round about now the PDF University will open in Miami.

Here in the UK the word "university" is closely guarded by the Privy Council so the number of new universities is limited. For example the NHS could not have a university by that name. However, this may not mean that the existing universities have made a thorough study of a technology such as PDF and the implications for the organisation of education. For one thing that may involve forms of action and they tend to give emphasis to theory.

Anyway, back on topic, my point is that today I know nothing about the content provided in Miami. In the good old days of Seybold most of the Powerpoint would leak within a few days. Less so towards the end, but usually anything interesting was made available.

On Friday, Jim King - a PDF Architect for Adobe - will talk about the future, including Apollo and Mars. Personally although I sometimes look at Flash I am mostly interested in text and static images within a document. So Mars is the most interesting feature yet in Acrobat 8. Meanwhile Flash seems to take up most space in the Adobe mindshare machine.

So if anyone feels authorised to blog some details from Friday, please add enough tags for the spiders to find you. Chances of you finding this blog? Let us be realistic. But somehow things do work out eventually.



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