Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A big hello for the Wish Fairy

At both Seybolds in Amsterdam there was a session with the wish fairy, a mythic being able to focus group directions through the medium of Stephan Jaeggi. One thing that came up twice was the price level of Adobe LiveCycle. Somehow the early adaption levels that cut out most of the potential seem to have continued indefinitely. That was what was thought then, some time ago. Meanwhile not much has changed. So do we still believe in the wish fairy? Of course we do.

By the way, Google Apps has gained some credibility by offering to charge for support. Collaboration is possible through Google Docs and there is a save to PDF option. I find it useful to save as an Open Doc and then create PDF in Open Office. Online there is no clarity about the right margin or page breaks. There are circumstances in which LiveCycle on the server would offer benefits, but cost can be limiting sometimes.



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