Sunday, March 18, 2007

OEM Postscript loses out in Bruce Chizen mindshare

Bruce Chizen has covered most of the products that interest him in a recent interview with ZD Net . The link is to the last page where there is a mention for LiveCycle, the server software for PDF.

Most enthusiasm is for Apollo, moving everything towards Flash. There is no mention of Postscript at all that I can find. This might explain why JDF remains an under promoted aspect of Acrobat. In the Adobe future there appears to be no hard copy at all. Maybe this view is partly based on acceptance that PDF creation is now widely available. PDF is to be an ISO standard following the acceptance for PDF-X etc. The only downside is that Adobe will no longer do that much promotion except for Flash on mobile phones etc. That's an impression only but this will studied for future posts.

There is reference to Microsoft and the XML Paper Spec. My guess is that this will have some effect in the limited world of office hard copy. Global Graphics still has a focus on print, however long that lasts.


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