Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can't find Apple in drupa catalogue

The drupa catalogue has arrived but I can't find out where Apple is. they still make some chunky boxes as far as I know. The Exeter store is mostly mobile devices upfront but there are some other items at the back. I had imagined the drupa stand would be much the same but maybe they decided not to bother. As mentioned previously Steve Jobs thinks that ebook readers are not required as tunes are what people actually like. Maybe he has a point.

I might have made an error and Apple is there with some other name I can't find in the index. But if they don't turn up, what would this bode for print?

Meanwhile Adobe have got a spot in the entrance hall from the North, between halls 7 and 8. Seems a bit remote from the main show but easy enough to find. The description of Acrobat on the UK website seems aimed at passing knowledge workers in general.

Meanwhile OhmyNews have published my story about the Libre Graphics Meeting based on browsing other blogs. I put some bits at the end about what Adobe may tell us later.

The context for Libre Graphics seems to be that online animation is where the interest is going, so XML to printed page ought to be fairly easy then. If the world of Postscript is no longer of much interest for developers, the prices involved could soon drop.


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