Monday, April 21, 2008

Quark, Job Jackets and the Show Daily

Quark are working with Haymarket and “Druck & Medien” on the drupa show daily. No information I can find on how it will be printed. Canon did a fine job at the Digital Print World event but possibly the run will justify some form of litho.

Quark will also be promoting Job Jackets and JDF. The idea of creating the job ticket as well as the page layout makes a lot of sense. The JDF job intention need not be that complicated. A similar approach is possible in Acrobat but this is rarely mentioned.

I have done a story for MyNews India leading ion the new Adobe Media Player and web video. This seems to be where Adobe is mostly concentrating. I have mentioned towards the end the several things that are not known. In citizen journalism this is quite ok, it is closely related to blogging.

So what is Mars? Is there a timescale? The news so far on Acrobat 9 seems to be a shuffle of features and price points and the branding of various versions. Mars could be a rewrite of the PDF format as even more friendly for XML. But when is a mystery.

Meanwhile Global Graphics will sponsor the PDF And XML Production Parc At Drupa - Drupa Hall 07 Stand 7.0D.

Adobe will not be far away but maybe more concerned with Flash and video.


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