Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adobe web connect on May 1

Adobe have announced the agenda for the financial analysts meeting on Thursday, May 1st. Kevin Lynch will speak about the Technology Platform, presumably AIR and Flash. The afternoon will be about Creative Solutions and Business Productivity. At a previous meeting there was a hint from the audience about new releases for Acrobat and Creative Suite. There is no slot for "classic publishing" or Postscript. So although there may be some sort of press release planned around the time of drupa I think that hard copy is not a priority.

The chance of Kevin Lynch saying much about PDF is quite low I would think. Business productivity is likely to involve video conferencing as Adobe imagines it. Adobe Classic is about to vanish and something like Macromedia will continue.

GoLive has been terminated. I think it was actually different in design intention. I used it more or less as page layout. I realise this is old fashioned but I don't think I am alone. The current Adobe site for allegedly promoting Acrobat has Flash images moving about all over the place. I don't think it has much to do with PDF, more about promoting something else.

Meanwhile I have had another look at MARS and found there is an AIR download for creating a photo album. seems to work ok though saving a file is a bit difficult. You have to add ".mars" to the filename. The design is quite restrained and easy to use.

If there is any trace of MARS in the next release of Acrobat I think it should be announced fairly soon. Suppose there is an update to the Print Engine early in June. What file format will it use? How long before the print customers are requesting something else?


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